Friday, February 1, 2013

Disneyland Countdown Chain

Today, my pin comes from my Family and Kid Activities pinboard, it's our family Disneyland Countdown Chain!  With a trip coming up I wanted a fun visual way to help the three year old get a sense of time and anticipation.

Every night before bed, we tear off one chain until we reach Minnie and that's when we get to go to her house at Disneyland!  The three year old was so excited by this!  And she was able to get the concept, she was telling the baby how tomorrow night we get to tear off one more and it's the white one tomorrow.

We have family by Disneyland that we'll be visiting, but I didn't want the three year old to assume that every time we visit our family that we automatically go to Disneyland, so the countdown overlaps when we leave - the last few chains will be torn off while on vacation.

For the next few weeks, most of the pins will be about Disneyland or Disney themed ideas, or ideas about packing and travel.


  1. Oh the cuteness! :) I want to make one of these, but I don't know how long to make it yet... ;)